Our Mission and Values

This directory is more than just a list of stores; it's a testament to how much we want to change the way automotive digital marketing works!

Direct Connections

We want to help inquisitive buyers find the car they want faster, while also cutting out vendors who sell their information on the web. That’s why you’ll connect directly with the dealer and only send us your details if you have a question for us.

Stress Free

Purchasing or leasing a car is a significant investment and is stressful enough, no matter how much money you have to put down or how great your credit is. That’s why our site is ad-free and hassle-free to provide clarity before making a decision.

No Forms to Fill Out

Many other automotive sites collect consumer information just to turn around and sell them to competing stores. We have a strict policy about that because, frankly, we think it’s ridiculous and needs to stop. We never capture and resell customer information!

Inventory / Location

No matter where you live, there’s bound to be several showrooms that have the type of car, truck or SUV you want. Don’t waste your time searching for each one individually; use our site to narrow down your choices in mere moments.


Meet The Brains Behind The Vision

Ashton Rubinstein

Visionary #1

After working for a number of years at a marketing agency and working closely with several dealerships, Ashton thought it was time to change how it all works. With his good buddy Brandon, the two started the Auto Dealers Listings start-up in mid-2017.


Jason VanderWaal

Tech Wizard

Jason is the coder and designer of this website. He took Ashton’s and Brandon’s vision and turned it into a reality. He never thought he’d know so much about the automotive digital marketing world.


Brandon Campbell

Visionary #2

Brandon’s father owns a dealership and knows it like the back of his hand. When he went to school for marketing, he realized that there’s a lot the industry is missing out on because they’re bombarding their buyers. With support from his family and trust in his and Ashton’s idea, the two set out on a brand new journey.

Auto Dealer Listings

We want to be really clear about this point. We are not a classified site, so there’s no need to feel pressured that we’re going to sell you something. We aren’t going to collect your phone number or email to send you spam or give it to telemarketers either. Our goal is to help the average shopper find the right dealer that is conveniently located and has the exact make, model and trim you want. That’s it.